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New Directions Success Stories

It takes a Community - with Mohammed and Farah

 For many of us, here in Canada, the images of devastation caused by war and sectarian violence in Iraq, is but another picture on our screen. It is hard to fathom the extent of the pain that Iraqi citizens have endured over the past two decades. However, for Mohammed and Farah, it was because of the unbearable situation that they started their long journey from Bagdad to Canada in 2006. Together with their two children, they fled the country going to neighboring Syria initially, where they found the Canadian Embassy in Damascus and applied to immigrate to Canada under the Skilled Workers Program.

Back in Iraq, Mohammed and Farah were both professionals; Farah had a dental practice and Mohammed was a general surgeon. All their medical studies were done in English, so they had the benefit of English language skills which would make the transition to another country easier.

While waiting for a response to their application, they moved to Oman where they were able to practice as dentist and surgeon. Oman, too, uses English as the language of choice in their Health Care System, so the transition was relatively easy. Their two children were able to attend school in Oman, sot their daughter completed grade 5 and their son, grade 8. Every year, they renewed their application to remain in Oman while they waited for word from the Canadian Embassy. Meanwhile, they waited.

They waited 7 years. Finally, they received word from the Canadian Embassy that their Visas had been successfully processed and subsequently moved to Canada in 2013. Upon arrival in Canada, they agreed that Farah would initially stay home to help the children get oriented at school and into their new community in Langley, BC.

Meanwhile, Mohammed began his quest to practice his skill as a surgeon, which he had assumed would be the obvious course that he would follow here in Canada. However, he hit one roadblock after another and has yet to be accepted into the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. He has worked as a volunteer at Langley Memorial Hospital, taken one year of the Respiratory Therapy Diploma at the Thomson Riverson University in Kamloops (his family remained in Langley), applied to participate in the Fellowship of Doctors training program, taken a course as a security guard, and worked as a volunteer.

‚ÄčNot one to give up, Mohammed is persevering in his quest to practice his medical skills in Canada. At this time he is studying hard to pass the Medical Council of Canada qualifying exam and the IELTS test. On the other hand, Farah has successfully completed the Dental Assistant program and worked in that position for a period of time. Additionally, both Mohammed and Farah decided to also volunteer in the Langley community which they now call home.

It was as a result of that, that both of them came to New Directions English Language School and were welcomed as volunteers at the Open Learning Centre.

At New Directions, they both enrolled in several CLB courses in order to enhance their skills as volunteers. They quickly became part of the New Directions team and have since both been employed. Farah works as the Child Care Coordinator while Mohammed uses his skills as a statistician collecting and entering data for the school.

Reflecting upon their journey as recent Muslim immigrants to Canada, Mohammed and Farah both agree that it has become home. Both are Canadian citizens, their children are both in university, their son is studying to become an engineer at University of Alberta, and their daughter is in sciences at UBC. They love Langley - the friendly people, the small community, the good services, the schools, and health care. In light of the recent attack on Muslims, their experience has been a good one; they feel welcome and have never had to face racism nor hate speech.

Upon reflecting, they agree, “This is our country now”


THANON MATTY (Nov 9th 2019)

I am Thanon Matty. I arrived to Canada in November 2012 with my wife and three children after we left Iraq and been refugees at Syria for two years.

By January 2013, both my wife and I had enrolled in New Directions, I was in level 3 and my wife was in level 1, while the children were attending school to learn about our new community and to study English.

In April 2016, I achieved LEVEL 4 and applied for Canadian citizenship in 2018. My children and I became Canadian in July 2019!

During my brief time here in Canada I have spent many hours volunteering with ISS of BC to assist with newcomer’s, refugee applicants and finding sponsors. My success story has resulted in my direct involvement with 12 refugee family’s successful resettlement here in the Fraser Valley area. I have also assisted with many refugee families application forms and paperwork.

I want to give a big thanks to New Direction, the great and helpful teachers and staff that work there.

At New Direction we didn’t only learn English but we also learned about Canada’s culture, history, and way of life.

My advice to Newcomers to learn English are:

1-  Love what you are learning.

2- Practice what you learned.

3- Trust and believe in yourself and never give up.

4- Making friends, volunteering and working will help you to learn the language.

5- In my opinion learning starts with listening.

                   Thank you




YAN JIANG - LINC 4: Corinne Class  (Aug 8th 2019)

"I sincerely believe that I will be a part of Canada, New Directions gave me this confidence. 

Come to an unfamiliar country, a new environment, a different history and culture, all impact me. The lack of language can also make me feel lonely. I feel that I can't reallz integrate. Fortunately, we have New Directions Language School which lets me to open my heart. We can integrate into the new culture throught the contact of teachers and classmates. I'm proud to be one of New Directions. The benefits that I get are infinite will be useful during all my life time. I really appreciate that."

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