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LINC N PARK - Teacher Patti's English  Class in Douglas Park! 
After 3 1/2 months of on-line learning, my students were happy to meet in Douglas Park for English lessons. Not only were they pleased not to be on their computers for lessons, they were encouraged by their fellow classmates, not seen in person  for months.  
The students, five to seven on each of four mornings, benefited from speaking and listening to each other. Though we would meet on-line to speak during previous week's sessions, the technology can not replace the importance of "real-life" interaction when learning a new language. 
I met Alex, the Ground's Keeper, who mentioned the Langley City Parks are being used constantly for classes, who like mine, are escaping from on-line meetings. I noticed three other "classes" gathering on one of the days LINC 3 was in Douglas Park. Each class was respectful of the other classes, and continued on in their meetings. Who knew the Langley parks would replace classrooms and office meetings, but what a wonderful repurpose in difficult times.
Two of the LINC 3 students commented on their experience of LINC and Park:
Hello teachers and classmates!This week in the park the most happy thing is to see the teachers and students again! We get together to discuss Canadian culture and national situations - very happy!
Jian Ping, Linc 3
Good morning everyone.We talked about Canadian culture and my first country's (culture by answering) six questions.I liked to talk with my classmates and teacher.
Sun Fei, Linc 3
I like class this week. 
Because we talked about my country and (its) who cities and what county's flag and we happy see my teacher. 
Georgette, Linc
We all look forward to more repurposed classes in the future!
Teacher Cristina's LINC 3/4 class in Douglas Park. 
Cristina's LINC 3/4 class in Douglas Park